Taming Adam

Epic of Gilgamesh – [Mesopotamia 3rd millennia BCE]

“Aruru, you are the one

who created humanity?  Now go and create

a new hero, let them balance each other

perfectly, so that Uruk has peace.”

When Aruru heard this, she closed her eyes,

And what Anu had commanded she formed in her mind.

She moistened her hands, she pinched off some clay,

She threw it into the wilderness,

kneaded it and shaped it into her idea.”

Adam (Enkidu) was the wild man in the Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh who was created of clay and water by the goddess of creation to rid the king of his arrogance.  Gilgamesh, the tyrant king, sent the priestess of the temple to tame Adam and bring him to Uruk, the center of this first civilization.

Taming Adam is in The Art League’s Poems and Prints show March 2021 (Alexandria, Virginia) and in the Art of the Mill spring show (Millwood, Virginia).