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Fall Salon

This show has ended.

Random Artist

Torpedo Factory Target Gallery

Dave Mann

105 N Union St, Alexandria, Virginia

November 10, 2021 - December 12, 2021

Lafayette Square 2020

Reduction Relief Print

12 x 14 inches framed

Limited edition of 10 using all archival materials including the handmade paper.


In the nation’s capital on June 1st 2020, National Guard and mounted police cleared Lafayette Square of peaceful Black-Lives-Matter protesters with violence, flash grenades and tear gas.

This reduction print is patterned after Henry Pelham’s 1770 engraving “The Fruits of Arbitrary Power”.  In my work, Saint John’s Episcopal Church replaces the Massachusetts Courthouse, teargas replaces black powder smoke, and protesters fall before armed US soldiers instead of British Redcoats.