Jane Mann – Pricing

My limited-edition archival prints are museum-quality fine art reproductions of photographs, digital photographs or photomontages. I print them myself using an ultra-high-resolution fine-art photographic printer and the finest archival inks and papers. Unlike the color snaps I took of my kids years ago, these prints with not fade or lose color. In fact, the latest archival inks and papers have been tested to last 200 years before they might begin to degrade. Such prints are truly fine art which will last generations. They should not be hung in direct sunlight, however.

By limiting the number of prints of each image, the value of each is enhanced. However, I retain the copyright and all associated rights. Any reproduction other than my own is prohibited.

Pricing of photographs depends on the size and the technical expertise used in creating the image. The photomontages in these portfolios will be more expensive than a single layer photograph. Although many of my prints are common sizes, there are exceptions based on the compositions of the pictures. I prefer to crop a picture to the most pleasing or dramatic size.

Framing is a black metal frame with mat board, foam core, plexiglass and wire hanger.


SizePrint onlyFramed
6.6″ x 10″$45$80
8″ x 8″$45$80
8″ x 12″$70$120
12″ x 12″$90$145
12″ x 18″$120$180
Plus Shipping


SizePrint onlyFramed
6.6″ x 10″$70$105
8″ x 8″$70$105
8″ x 12″$100$150
12″ x 12″$125$170
12″ x 18″$150$210
Plus Shipping

Please contact me for non-standard size prints, larger prints, or prints on canvas, metal, acrylic, fabric, wood or tile.