Artist's Statement

“I discovered that my own little postage stamp of native soil was worth writing about” said author William Faulkner, “and that I would never live long enough to exhaust it.” As an artist and printmaker, I am similarly convinced that I will never tire of making artworks of my immediate environment. The more familiar I become with my home area of the past 60 years, the stronger I feel the need to make it a focus of my painting and printmaking.

My passion for nature guides me, not only to seek notable places in and around the nation’s capital but also to capture the natural beauty of the mighty Potomac River, with the bridges over its waters, and the meandering C & O Canal. My work has reflected the perspective of time in ever-changing skylines, in both urban and rural settings. I am also attracted by the human figure, which I believe brings life and specific meaning to my work. I often include figures engaged in action - hurrying across Dupont Circle, sculling under Key Bridge or strolling along the towpath.

My printmaking process begins with drawing on site, then completed in my studio, drawing on my memory of the scene and the light. I play with light and with color, in order to give spontaneity and creative momentum to my work.

A Grand View
Yolanda Frederikse (center) at her See Change show in Georgetown